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a madness most discreet and a choking gall

with perserving sweet

I'm that girl you can't shut up
4 December 1989
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the person behind the picture

Hola everyone! In most online circles I am known as timecake but I also go by Sarah-Louise. I am eighteen years old, I'm currently preparing to re-sit my GCSEs and to sit my A Levels and I currently reside in Northern Ireland.


Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, House MD, Smallville, The Big Bang Theory, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Twilight, Being Human, Demons, Merlin, Skins, Instant Star, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Chronicles Of Narnia, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Dollhouse, The Vampire Diaries, Sarah Jan Adventures


I wouldn't exactly call myself creative but I love writing fiction, mostly about my many fandoms! But once in a blue moon my muse does cough up the odd original idea from the cavernous chasm that is my head! I love reading, period drama and sci-fi especially! But I'll read anything! I also dabble my hand in the odd graphical creation!

Contact Info

AIM - IheartCaptainJH
Twitter - timecake
Email - timecake@hotmail.co.uk