Being Human: Mitchell

Jumping ship.

Not really, but I'm starting afresh with a new journal candidchaos :)

I know I've been MIA for a long long time but if any of you want to friend this new journal, I'd be chuffed to bits to have you.
SPN: Dean/Anna

Emotions are dangerous tools that should be handled with great precision and care

I've created a fic comm for myself!
Add timetales to your flists bbs!
First ficlet linked below :)


Title: Emotions
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairings: Castiel-centric with mentions of Dean and Sam.
Warnings: Spoilers for those who haven't seen 5x14 "My Bloody Valentine"
Summary: "Angels weren't meant to feel emotions"
Notes: Just a little speculative ficlet that popped out of my head when I was musing about Castiel.
Beta'ed by the wonderful shecriesx

Here @ timetales
Danneel - LOL

For when the clouds break, the sunshine shall fall.

Gosh it's been a while since I posted!
Hai everybody :squishes you all: How've you all been?
Catch me up because I've been epicly failing in the flist department lately!
But I will resume normal commenting duties ASAP!


Sooo what's new with me.
Hm well I've decided to take my A Levels come September \o\!
Come June I will have enrolled in day classes for A Levels in English Literature, History and Sociology!
I am every excited! :D
I'll also be redoing some GCSEs at night classes as well!

This is all in aid of me hopefully getting myself ready to start university in 2011 :biggest grin ever:.

This is a very momentous thing for me!
My education has been a great source of woe for me for the past few years.
Dropping out of school at fifteen with not a single GCSE to your name will do that to you.
I never thought I'd get the opportunity to go to university for another three to four years so I'm so unbelievably over the moon about this.

I'm looking at universities in London, Birmingham and I'm applying to Queen's in Belfast as a back up!
But any recommendations are welcome! :D


Supernatural, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries get full season pick ups! but not One Tree Hill, Smallville, Melrose Place or Life UnExpected.

I'm totally thrilled about Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries getting new seasons! Supernatural especially (OMG GUISE THEY'LL BE FILMING WHEN cs_whitewolf ARE IN VANCOUVER! :FLAILS:!) but I will be a very angry bunny if One Tree Hill doesn't get picked up for an eighth season!
It brings in more ratings than Gossip Girl does on a Monday night! Osbitch needs to get her head out of her ass and pick it up sharpish.

And I'm not even going to bemoan Melrose Place because even though I love it dearly, I'm pretty sure it's already dead in the water :(


New 2D Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer in which Matt Smith's voice is unfailingly sexy and Amy Pond's short skirts and great legs continue to amuse us all!


My laptop is now in the repair shop because when I went to close it the other night, there was an almighty crack!! and this happened!
But thankfully I don't have to shell out for a new screen!
Apparently the hinge just gave up the ghost to general wear and tear!

But now I'm back to using my dad's laptop for a few days!
Which sucks because I loathe this machine but it's better than no laptop at all.


But it does have it's upsides!
I've successfully installed The Sims 3 onto it!
And needless to say I'll be spending the next few days utterly absorbed with it :D

I'll post pictures of my Sim family later once I make a new one after deleting the first one I made.
(It was dreadful!


I've begun watching Grey's Anatomy on
And I love it so much.
McDreamy is aptly named.
George is adorable.
Cristina is arguably my second favourite character because she is highly entertaining!
Bailey is utterly hilarious!
And Meredith has the most cute voice ever!
She's also far too pretty for it to be allowed.


Is anyone else thinking this series of Being Human isn't as good as the last?
IDK what it is but something just seems off to me?


Right I've been toying with the idea of dying my hair again.
But idk what colour I want to go!
I was thinking maybe blonde again?
(Ignore how absolutely haggard and eyeliner-covered I look plz. It was straight after a My Chemical Romance concert, many many years ago, and I look like that because winchester_anon thought it would be fun to draw on my face!)


I'm making great strides in fic writing lately!
Fanfiction and original fiction!
Watch this space!

when life throws rubbish at you, you might have to dig until something good appears.

Sorry I've been so MIA guys.
I really haven't been in the best place to post about stuff recently.

I've been feeling very low.
And I don't know why :/
It's affecting my health as well. I get into such a funk about stuff that I don't eat and when I do eat, I stress myself out that I throw up what I have managed to eat.

It's really starting to bother me.

I've been trying to wean myself off my anti-depressants because I was feeling better and I'm just petrified that this is my body's way of telling me that I still need them and therefore have become dependent on them.

I really don't want to have to rely on tablets to make me happy :(

And the parents aren't really helping.
My mum keeps yelling because I'm missing days off tech because I keep throwing up and my dad yells because mum is yelling.

It just gets to be a bit much sometimes.
Luke/Lorelai: Promo

Once the fell swoop of sadness has passed, you're left with a hollow feeling in your chest.

Today was rubbish.
Slept for most of it.
Didn't eat at all until about twenty minutes ago, thus worrying my parents silly.
(I honestly thought my dad was going to give birth to a kitten, he was that uppity every time he woke me up).

Idk why I bombed today.
I just got really down and depressed :(

But I'm feeling better now.

Boiled eggs with toast and a surprise present from my Granny helped immensely!

So I'm pretty much back to my old annoyingly cheerful self :D


Happy 2010 Everybody!

I'll be scribbling down resolutions tomorrow and will post when I do!


It's ridiculous how many times I've watched the Doctor Who series 5 trailer.
I feel like a bad Tennant fangirl!
But the fact that I love Eleven so much is helping me heal over my loss of Ten :D


I keep getting Gilmore Girls plot bunnies when I'm meant to be working on my heroes_exchange fics >:(

Tis quite annoying!
Leverage - Heeeeee!

The lights are down, the air is damp and you're realizing that no-one is coming to save you.

You know what I realized today?
Life is good!


For the first time in ages, I'm totally happy!
I'm not fighting with my parents!
angelinmarble is home for a wee while!
And I'm finally reconnecting with one of my other best friends!

Yes, I'm quite happy with my little slice of the world right now!


I'm getting very excited for my cons next year!
I've been going through the calendars I got given for Christmas, penciling them in!

The Hub 4 - Friday 9th - Sunday 11th April 2010 - with dark_heart_b hopefully :D If he can scrounge the funds! I'm really looking forward to meeting Eve and Kai again <333

Asylum 4 - Friday 14th - Sunday 16th May 2010 - with angelinmarble, winchester_anon, dark_heart_b & Steph! Meeting Jim again! And omg Alona! Third time lucky lol!

London Film & Comic Con 2010 - Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July 2010 - As of now, I'm going solo for this one! I'll be so lucky if I survive this one! Because I'll be meeting Katee Sackhoff! And there is a 99.9% chance that I'll melt into a pile of gibbering goo once I meet her!

Salute to Supernatural: Vancouver 2010 a.k.a Vancon! - Friday 27th - Sunday 29th August 2010 - with cs_whitewolf! This is the one con of next year I'm looking forward to most! Because a) It has J2! and b) Because it's in Canada! It is going to be so epicly awesome!

Roadhouse - Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th September 2010 - with zeitheist! Wooo Showmaster's first EVER Supernatural con! And it has Rob Benedict! :D Fun times will be had!


It's hard to believe that today is the last day of 2009.
I, for one, am extremely happy to see the back of it!
It's been an awful year!

Well not for me personally but I've lost count of how many bad deaths there have been around where I live and the amount of celebrity deaths is just ridiculous.

Personally, I've had a pretty good year!
I've had some wonderful times! Made some awesome new friends! Went on lots of trips! And finally got my life on a steady track!

But alas it hasn't been an altogether perfect year.

Breaking up with Paddy was a definite low point.
I'd never felt so broken or hurt in my entire life.
I always used to think tv shows and movies exaggerated a person with a broken heart but they really don't.

It's really ironic that I didn't realize how much I loved him until he actually left me.
I wasn't a model girlfriend.
Far from it actually.
So it's not surprising that he cut his losses.

I just wish I could stop caring.
Or stop feeling that little bit hurt when I realize he doesn't actually give a damn about me anymore.

Another bad bit of 09 was the end of Search.
Search saved my life and I'll always be thankful for the time I had there.
And it ending wasn't good but I made lots of awesome friends through it!
And we're still friends! :D Which is quite awesome!

So here's hoping that 2010 will be just as good, if not better than 2009
Being Human: George + Mitchell

Narcolepsy is a serious problem, which I will deal with after my nap!

Okay I'm seriously overdue in writing my Christmas squee post!
But in my defense, I've been horribly sick over the past few days!

So did you all have a good Christmas?
I did, in spite of my ill-being!

And I got lots of awesome presents!

[#] - A Blu-Ray player!
[#] - GHD straighteners!
[#] - Doctor Who Series 4 DVDs
[#] - Battlestar Galactica Season 3 DVDs
[#] - Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Collectors Edition Book
[#] - The Official Twilight Saga: New Moon Movie Companion
[#] - A lovely cream hooded sweatshirt and a black 80s style shirt!

There was a slight cock-up with some Supernatural season 4 DVDs!
My mum went into HMV and asked the bozo behind the desk for "Series 4 of Supernatural please".
And the idiot handed her Volume 2 of the fourth season and said "That's it".

Fucking twat!
So me and mum are going back into HMV tomorrow to return them and then go onto Belfast so I can get them in Blu-Ray ^_^


Speaking of Battlestar Galactica!
Oh my dear gods that show is intense! And epic! And thrilling! And just downright awesome!
I'm nearly halfway through my season 3 dvds! I just got to the episode where Apollo and Starbuck are beating the crap out of each other in the boxing ring!

And even though I adore Starbuck, what she did to Apollo was so fucking bitchy! I really wanted to slap her for that!

And she cut off all her pretty long hair D:
But I suppose Starbuck, just wouldn't be Starbuck without the short hair.


Heeeee, speaking of Starbuck . . . .


This makes me so ridiculously happy! \o\
I was dithering on whether to go or not but this has made up my mind!
There's no way in hell I'd give up the chance to meet Katee Sackhoff!

I know I'm only a recent convert to BSG but I can say that Starbuck is one of my all time favourite female characters ever!

She's up there with Lorelai Gilmore and Martha Jones as far as I'm concerned (And you lot know how much I love them!)


In sadder news, Showmasters have had to cancel their upcoming Being Human convention.


This makes me quite sad. It had the promise to be a fantastic event and it's a shame that only 50 odd tickets were sold for it.
I was heavily considering, going to it but then Roadhouse came along and I just couldn't afford to go to them both.

Hopefully after the second series has aired, there'll be enough interest and fan support for SM to consider running the event again.


I refuse to comment on the latest Doctor Who episode.
Just refuse.
I'll make a weepy post on Friday most likely but until then I'm just burying my head in the sand.